Things That Make You Wish Your Co-Workers Still Worked At Home

Good times!

You’re going to have to start to remember to do these things if you’re heading back to your office…

Remember to Sign out of Facebook!

For months you haven’t really had to worry about signing out of any of your social media pages because no one was using the computer but you. But now if you forget, your good buddy Shawn thinks it’s hilarious to change your status.



Sharing a bathroom again!

It’s nice to catch up with your co-workers…but not so much in the bathroom. Plus, remember how bad it was when Tom used to use the bathroom and then no one else could for an hour? 



Where did all my pens go!

A perk about working from home, no one steals your pen (ok, maybe they do) But it seems that pens are gold in an office setting. Remember when you had to “borrow” Tami’s pen…?



Sharing the Office Fridge…

It always smelled… People who steal lunches or food from the refrigerator without asking are a whole new level of evil. Who thinks it’s a good idea to bring fish and then leave it for weeks for someone else to throw out? If it stinks, it doesn’t belong in the fridge.



The Common Coffee Machine…

The anxiety is real.  You head to work, and B-line it for the coffee machine, but wait; it’s broken.  Or maybe it’s not, but you can’t find your favourite mug or perhaps, there wasn’t a milk/cream delivery.  Best to stop at Tim’s.



Sharing a microwave again

Three questions…

  1. What exploded in there?
  2. Why didn’t anyone clean it up?
  3. Who the heck leaves the timer on 03? Every. Time.