Things That Millennials Ended Or Ruined…

Um, you’re welcome…

Millennials are constantly being blamed for ending and ruining everything. 

But now people on social media are talking about things that they’re GLAD that Millennials torched, and there are some good responses.  

For starters, there were some serious things mentioned.  Those include:

1.  The idea that “work is the most important thing”, or the “loyalty to the workplace.”  Millennials pushed the notion that you shouldn’t go above and beyond.  You should “act your wage,” and “be paid what you’re worth.”

2.  The “I hate my wife/husband” genre of jokes.

3.  Being an absent father, “Millennial dads have made ‘dadding’ cool.”

4.  The stigmas of mental health, depression, and anxiety.

5.  Homophobia, and the shunning of the LGBT+ community.

And now, onto the more FUN responses:

1.  Millennials killed ironing clothes.

2.  Crappy chain restaurants.  (Specifically, one person said:  Hooters.)

3.  Junk food.  One person said:  “Healthy food:  Hippie Boomers started it, Gen X commercialized it, Millennials boosted it to the mainstream.”

4.  Cigarettes.

5.  Country clubs.

6.  One person said, “Treating veterinarians like garbage.”  (That sounds, personal.)

7.  The lawncare obsession.

8.  Owning a lot of knick-knacks, even expensive stuff like fine china.  (Maybe . . . but they have boxes full of Pokémon stuff in their parents’ basement.  They are free to pick that up anytime!)

9.  Cable TV.

10.  Bar soap.