Things That Seem Innocent But Are Super Dangerous

Considered yourself warned!

A recent Reddit thread asked users, What are some really dangerous things most people don’t realize are dangerous?

Here are people’s thoughts on the matter!

Kitten bites! (Wait, what?)
Scary fact: “If a kitten has unclean teeth and bites you to the point you draw blood there’s a decent chance you can get a major infection and die. Their teeth [are] like little needles that inject bacteria right into your blood, and since their teeth [are] so thin you heal from the bite fast. However, your body never had a chance to clean the bacteria before the wound closed, so the rate of infection is crazy high.”

Pushing or forcing a poop out!
“Unfortunately true. If you have to do a lot of straining, adjust your diet/talk to a doctor. Hard straining can cause everything from minor inconveniences like hemorrhoids to heart attacks and strokes. And let’s face it, no one wants to get found dead on the toilet.”

“Driving while tired. It can be just as dangerous as driving while drunk, but many people do it without thinking twice.” “For context, 20 hours awake impairs you as much as .08% BAC, which counts as DUI.

A lot of people end up with liver failure from overusing Tylenol (acetaminophen). It’s not harmless, don’t treat it like Skittles.”

Brazilian butt lift!
It’s one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries!  A study showed that one in 3,000 Brazilian butt lift surgeries resulted in death.

Not having enough sodium. There are always warnings about too much salt, but apparently, if you don’t have enough it can throw your body totally out of whack. Learned this after passing out and ending up in the ER.

A full-force punch to the face. People have died from a single punch. Also just being pushed or falling on the ground. Human bodies can surprisingly be very weak and very strong. But not as strong as concrete.

Eating grapefruit while on medication. Grapefruit has so many bad interactions with medication, ranging from rendering the medication ineffective to toxicity.

Putting your feet on the dashboard. It is extremely dangerous!

Walking up or down the stairs. The most common accident at home is falling down the stairs.

Noise-cancelling headphones while walking in cities…

Bathtub/shower combos. Perhaps install anti-slip mats and grab bars…