Things That Used To Be Free But Now Cost Money

The good old days!

As of today, if you were sharing a Netflix password with a friend or family member, you will be locked out.

While many are outraged that they will have to start paying for the service if they still want it, many things used to be free but now cost money.

Back in the day;

Hotel amenities! Enter resort fees…

Drink refills! While some restaurants still give you free refills, many began phasing this service out!

Extras at Restaurants!  If you want an extra Sweet N’ Sour sauce from McDonald’s- they will charge you for it!

WATER!  OK, water is still free in many places, but some prefer to pay through the nose for the bottled variety even though it may be the same as what comes from the tap.

Airplane Everything! In the olden days, you would buy a plane ticket, check your bags and maybe enjoy some free in-flight entertainment via a movie projected on a wall. The attendants would give you peanuts, a drink and maybe even a meal if you were on board long enough. Today, you buy a plane ticket and then find yourself shelling out money for everything from your checked bag to your boarding pass to an in-flight blanket.

TV! At one time, cutting the cord on cable was supposed to save money. But now, many people have simply replaced one expense with another by signing up for multiple streaming services.

Air! Oh, sure, the air you breathe is still free … for now. But the air you put in your tires? Now, that’s an entirely different story.

ATM! Remember back in the day when you could just take money out of the bank machine without a $3 charge?

National Parks! If you’re old enough, you may remember a time when all but a few national parks were free to enter and even camp.

Other things that used to be free include Food delivery and grocery bags.