Things That Were “Good” Until People Ruined Them!

It was a simpler time even just ten years ago!

People are calling out things that were actually “good” until too many people did them…

Here are some of the things…

Watching TV and flipping around, but nowadays, you have to go to a streaming service, watch 10 measly episodes of a show, and then have to wait a year or more to get more episodes, which can even be as short as eight episodes.

Garage/yard sales. People used to use them to get rid of their junk. Now, everything is priced to rival brand-new products, and it’s ridiculous. Same with flea markets! People aren’t selling their junk anymore. They’re reselling things they pick off the curb for prices comparable to store sales. It’s stupid and ruined a lot of fun.

Ride-sharing apps. They are so expensive now that it’s not worth using unless you’re too intoxicated to drive…

The Food Network used to be a place where I could learn recipes or listen while doing mindless activities. Now, everything is a competition, super exaggerated, and just not even worth it.

Las Vegas! It used to be a cool place for adults to get away to dress up, get free booze, and maybe win a few bucks. Now, it’s nothing more than a pot-filled circus of naked dancers stepping over people passed out lying in their piss and vomit. And forget about an all-you-can-eat steak buffet for $5

Voice acting. There used to be people who did amazing work, but they weren’t household names. Now, every animated movie has superstar actors as the voices, and it’s even crept into audiobooks.

Etsy! People are selling items bought off Walmart, and Amazon now. And they even use the pictures from those websites to advertise them, at a hefty markup.

Youth sports. They used to be a healthy way for kids to try something new, meet other kids, and spend their free time. Now, the sport will leave you behind by age 8 if the parents didn’t fully commit to private coaching, travel leagues, etc.