Fads That Were Supposed To Be The “NEXT BIG THING”, But Vanished

New Coke!

Remember fidget spinners? They were everywhere a couple of years ago, then everyone seemed to forget about them. Fads are like that – something’s super popular for a while, and then everyone moves on to the next big thing.

Today, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to look at some past trends and fads that fizzled out. We’ll explore hyped tech that never lived up to the hype and some short-lived crazes that made us laugh a little. Buckle up and get ready for a blast from the past!

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Google+ was kind of like Facebook but made by Google. It let you share photos, chat with friends, and join groups about things you liked. They developed Google+ to be the new cool place to hang out online, but it never quite caught on

The Metaverse

The Metaverse is like a giant, online world you can explore with a special headset. Imagine playing games, hanging out with friends, or even going to school in a super cool, 3D space! It’s still being built, so it’s not here yet. And some people wonder if it’ll ever be as fun as it sounds.

3D Movies

3D movies were supposed to make you feel like you were right in the action, with stuff popping out of the screen! But you had to wear special glasses (no, not the red and blue ones) that were bulky and sometimes dimmed the picture. Plus, not all movies were filmed in 3D, and some effects felt forced. In the end, most people preferred regular movies.

Crazy Bones

Ok, this one feels a little niche… But if you were growing up in the mid 90’s then you likely remember the Crazy Bones fad. No, they weren’t actual bones, they were small, colorful, oddly shaped plastic marbles. You could collect them, trade them with friends, or play games where you flicked them to knock down other Crazy Bones (always for keeps). They were a fun way to compete and show off your collection!

Authors note: Eggy was literally the best!


Quibi was kind of like Netflix but for super short shows. Imagine tiny TV shows, like mini-episodes, that were all under 10 minutes long. Perfect for watching while waiting in line or on a short break. The problem was, most people already had Netflix and other apps for longer shows. So Quibi didn’t last very long.


This fad wasn’t even that long ago.

Imagine a super special trading card, but digital! NFTs, which stands for Non-Fungible Tokens, are like one-of-a-kind digital files, like pictures or videos. People can buy and sell them, but unlike regular trading cards, there can only be one owner at a time. They were a hot trend for a while, but some people think they’re not worth the hype.

Power Balance Bracelets

Remember those rubber bracelets designed to help improve your balance? Those were Power Balance bracelets. They were SUPPOSED to improve your balance and strength, but there wasn’t any proof! Some people liked them for the look, but they weren’t really magical like they seemed.


You HAVE to remember Pogs! Pogs were like mini cardboard drink coasters decorated with cool pictures. Similar to Crazy Bones, you’d collect them, then slam a heavier “slammer” onto a stack to try and flip your opponent’s Pogs. It was a fun way to show off your collection and compete with friends!

Virtual Reality

We can’t really say that Virtual Reality is dead yet. Virtual Reality, or VR, lets you wear a headset and enter a whole new world. Imagine playing games, exploring outer space, or even going to a concert in a super realistic, 3D space! VR is cool, but the headsets can be expensive and the games aren’t always perfect. It’s still being figured out, so it’s not quite as popular as some people thought it would be.

The Oculus recently changed and is a popular brand that carries all of the most popular games!

So there you have it! A glimpse into the fun (and sometimes funny) world of past fads. Remember, even if something doesn’t last forever, it can still be a cool part of history! What will they think of next? only time will tell, that’s just how fads work.