Things That Will Always Be There For Me!

What thing has always been there for you?

Every day is an adventure, kinda!  As a mom, most days are the same and you can always bank on certain things as you go through your week!


For example, and feel free to add your own in the comments section!



Trust issues, I can thank group projects in school for that!

Laundry, before 2008 it consisted of bras, panties, and cute tank tops!



Wine, it’s been there for me ever since I met my husband!  (What’s that about?)


Inappropriate redhead jokes, if I hear “does the carpet match the drapes one more time”



Bad thoughts, I could be in my happiest place and still wonder what life would have been like!


An empty Keurig water tank. Am I the only one who knows how to fill it?



A loaded dishwasher! No, I am not responsible for 95% of the stuff in there!


That little patch of hair that I have missed with the razor since 2004!


Friday nights! When my husband says to me “wanna fool around?” So hot, she says sarcastically!  “Yes, I want to run down the street and ring people’s doorbells and hide! Oh, wait- that’s not what you meant?”



Good times!