Things That Will Be Nostalgic In 20 Years

What will people be nostalgic for in 20 years?

A new survey has revealed we’ll be longing for the era of smartphones, TikTok trends and bootcut jeans.

A survey of 2000 adults revealed many classify “nostalgia” as something that reminds them of a specific event in their life, childhood, their favourite book, or favourite TV show or movie.

It also found 76% feel nostalgia while watching older movies and TV shows and are the most nostalgic for their tween and teen years, from 11 to 20 (57%).

When watching nostalgic content, many experience feelings of sentimentality, happiness or a sense of longing.

The survey also uncovered which decades Americans have the most nostalgia for, based on the movies and shows that debuted during those eras: 31% miss the ‘80s, 25% long for the ‘90s and 19% want to return to the 2000s.

Kids have begun asking about flip phones (63%), cassette tapes (51%), CDs (47%), and VHS tapes and players (46%).


  • Smartphones – 52%
  • Trending music on TikTok – 43%
  • Flare/bootcut jeans – 43%
  • Working from home – 34%
  • Crop tops – 22%
  • VR/AR – 15%