Things To Look Forward to! November 2021!

November is a very underrated month!

Two More Months Left In This Year!  That’s great news for those hoping that 2022 brings a totally “new” normal as most restrictions have eased and lockdowns have been lifted!



Now that the theatres are open again, there are many great movies to see: Movies out this Month include:

November 5th! Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’
November 5th! Spencer- The Princess Diana Flick
November 10th-Clifford The Big Red Dog
November 19th-Ghostbusters: Afterlife
November 19th-King Richard (The story of Venue and Serena Williams Father)
November 24th-House of Gucci



No-Shave November.

Beards, mustaches, 5 o’clock shadow — we just can’t get enough. Even though some won’t admit it, we ladies love some scruff on our men!
It’s Prostate Awareness Month!

Every year, around the world, No-Shave November is observed. It is an awareness-raising campaign that promotes that one should embrace their hair, which many cancer patients lose. Throughout the month, men allow their hair to grow wild and free, and they don’t cut them. People usually donate the money they typically spend on shaving, grooming, and maintenance of their hair and beard.

The fund collected under the initiative is used to educate people about cancer prevention, saving lives, and aiding those fighting the battle. The month-long campaign aims to evoke conversation and raise awareness about cancer.



Remembrance Day is on the 11th!

Poppies on Remembrance Day

Every year, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we gather in memorial parks, community halls, workplaces, schools, and homes to stand in honour of all who have fallen. Together, we observe a moment of silence to mark the sacrifice of the many who have fallen in the service of their country and to acknowledge the courage of those who still serve.



The American Thanksgiving!  This is fun for Canadian’s also who love to watch Football!


There is also Black Friday on November 26th followed by Cyber Monday, however, experts have warned you to get your holiday shopping done early this year as supply shortages and shipping issues could be a problem this year!



Christmas Music and Decorations!
It begins. The holiday season is in the air. Christmas trees go up, houses are covered from top to bottom in lights, classic holiday movies are on TV, Christmas music is playing everywhere you go, and people in the happy and joyful holiday spirit are everywhere!

Scarves, Hats, and Gloves.
Winter accessory season has officially begun! Whether it’s looking super cute in your new beanie or getting to rock your favourite infinity scarf, it is not totally acceptable.



Cuffing and Cuddling Season.
Because what could be better than some Netflix and chill on a cold November day?

National Peanut Butter Lovers Month.
Pretty self-explanatory, but peanut butter is probably one of the greatest things in the world. Be sure to eat tons of it this month in celebration!


Warm Winter Drinks.
Peppermint-flavoured everything is now in effect! Hot cocoa, cappuccinos, tea, anything with a delicious flavour that can be served piping hot to get rid of those winter chills.

The first snowfall of the year.
This could either be something to look forward to or something to dread. One cannot deny how beautiful the first snowfall is, light and majestic looking as it slowly falls from the sky.