Things We Are Getting Too Old To Tolerate!

I can't!

A Reddit user asked, “What are you simply getting too old for?” It’s a fitting question since the older we get, the less we’re willing to put up with certain things.

Here are some of the best answers:

-We’re too old to argue with other people.

“Concerts without assigned seating. I’m not showing up hours early to get a good spot and then be stuck there the entire time without being able to sit or use the bathroom or else I lose my view.”

“Hangovers. Three days to go back to normal is too much now and not worth it.”

“The old bar… the weekends used to be reserved for the bar, darts and listening to the local band. Now it’s just too crowded and people are annoying. Music is too loud, drinks are overpriced and I’m tired.”

“Anything starting past 9 pm”

“Putting up with BS in general”

“Sitting on the floor” -One it’s dirty most likely and two, I can’t get up without making noise”

“New slang” 

“Waiting in line.” 

“This heat”

“Camping on the ground”

“Going places without a bathroom near buy” 


“Not being comfortable.” From outfits to lack of leg room” And I’m willing to pay extra for it…