Things We Will Still Buy With Cash!

Cash is king!

We’ve become a cashless society for the most part!  This was happening even before the pandemic totally freaked us out and we became germaphobes!



A new study looked at the top things we still use cash for.  And here’s something quite surprising, young people really like cash.  52% of Gen Zers say it’s their favourite way to pay.  That’s higher than any other age group.



Overall, the average person has $52 in their wallet right now.  And there’s a limit to how much we’ll use in a single transition.  If something costs more than $31, we’ll almost always use a card.



Here are the top things we still use cash for . . .


1.  Tips at restaurants and bars, or for delivery drivers.

2.  Fast food.

3.  Candy and snacks.

4.  Coffee.

5.  Gas.

6.  Groceries.

7.  Drinks at a bar.

8.  Personal care products, like makeup or other small items.

9.  Gifts.

10.  Donuts or pastries.