Things You Can Do With Beer Besides Drink It

National Beer Day is August 7th, in Canada in case you were wondering

Beer!  Not just the beverage of choice on a hot summer day!

You can wash your hair with it for a sleek and shiny look!  Apparently the proteins, B vitamins, and sugars help to add shine if you do it every so often…Especially good for curly hair as it improves elasticity!  If you’re gonna try this, pour beer into a container, and leave overnight.  Beer should be flat and lukewarm.


You can also have a bath in Beer!  Some say it can help you pass kidney stones.  The reason being, beer makes you pee and you need to pee a lot to pass a stone…. Plus the beer will exfoliate and soften your skin!


You can cook with beer of course.  It makes a great marinate and helps tenderize meat.

Also, if you have a slug problem, it will kill them. The sweet smell from the yeast will lure them and the ethanol will kill them.