Things You Can Say At The Drive Thru And Also During Sex

Because it's funny!!

Because it’s Monday and it’s funny! It’s incredible how many things we say at the drive-thru that can also imply things in the bedroom!

  • Here are some funnies…
  • I’m going to regret this later
  • That doesn’t look like the picture
  • This isn’t what I ordered
  • I ordered large
  • Hurry up, I don’t have all-day
  • I’m definitely missing something
  • That was fast
  • Would you like condiments
  • Well, that was quick
  • This is terrible for me but so great when I’m drunk
  • I just want something fast and easy
  • Sauce on the side, please….
  • I need extra napkins
  • Why don’t you offer that anymore?