This Is How Many Times We Say “No” To Our Kids!

Too much! LOL!

Research has found that parents say ‘no’ to their children 8,395 times a year!

Most parents are saying ‘no’ to kids staying up late, having sugar before bed and the kids buying something. 

A survey of 2,000 parents of children aged one to 16-years-old, revealed they reject their kids’ questions and queries an average of 23 times a day.

But dads are more likely to tell their children both yes and no compared to mums, according to research.

Nearly two-thirds repeatedly say no to their child for the same request, over and over again.

Of those who felt they say no too often, 54 percent said they did it to help them understand they can’t get everything.

While 37 percent don’t want their kids to be spoilt, 34 percent do it to protect their kids.

Saying Yes Is Easier!

However, it emerged parents will say yes more often than no, a total of around 8,800 times a year.

The top reason for saying yes was that it is the easiest option, but 32 percent want to let their child feel in control of their own decisions.

And a fifth have tried to raise their child in an environment where they never hear the word “no”, and always answered positively.

Struggling To Say “No”

The study also found the things parents have a hard time saying no to, including snacks between meals, sleeping in bed with mum and dad and putting off their homework until later.

But 71 percent of parents polled by OnePoll believe kids who are always told yes will end up spoiled, with the age of three deemed the most difficult age to get kids to accept a no.

And 32 percent have a ‘good cop, bad cop’ approach to parenting with their partner – where one is strict, and the other is more relaxed.