This Is What Makes You”A Cool Mom”

A new study finds that seven in 10 people identify their mom as “the cool mom.”

So what makes a mom a “cool mom?”


A study of 2000 adult kids found that 62% said it was because she talked with her kids openly about anything and everything – suggesting that honesty really is the best policy when it comes to parenting.



Another factor in being a “cool mom” – Relaxing the rules a bit, as over half said their mom’s coolness stemmed from the fact that she let them get away with things a “normal” mom wouldn’t when they were growing up.



Cool moms are great gift-givers and have good taste-with 52% saying that her tendency to spoil both her loved ones and herself was what made their mom a cut above the rest.


Nearly seven in 10 respondents (68%) report that they learned how to juggle responsibilities from watching their moms “do it all” over the years.



Over six in 10 say that their mom has been juggling more in the past year than she ever has before.