This Mental Health Hack Could Help You Fall Asleep Faster

‘Cricketing’ could help you fall asleep faster — and it’s backed by science

People aren’t staying silent about “cricketing.”

Some people swear by rubbing their feet together before bed — like a cricket — to ease themselves into a peaceful slumber. If you do it, then you know…  But, for those who don’t know what this is…

The term “cricket feet” has 53.4 million views on TikTok where sleepyheads have shared videos of themselves touting the technique that leaves them feeling snug as a bug.

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Several social media users said that cricketing is also a type of “stim,” short for “self-stimulation,” a self-soothing behaviour common among people who are neurodivergent, including those with ADHD or on the autism spectrum.

Experts say that the technique has proven benefits which include calming the nervous system and helping your body “self-regulate.” Experts say it’s a great practice, as the feet are “full of nerve endings and an array of acupressure points, that, when stimulated, are known to help regulate and calm your central nervous system.”