This Simple Tool Can Help Rid You of Those Nasty Itchy Bug Bites!

Heads up...there's a catch!

If you have that sweet blood like me, then you know mosquito season is in full effect.  It doesn’t matter how much spray you put on at least one of them will power through the chemicals and go needle-deep in blood.

Then comes the swelling and the itching and more itching and more itching.  But on a recent trip, I made a discovery that quickly stopped the itching and most of the swelling.  However, it did leave another kind of mark.

Why Do You Get More Mosquito Bites?

They are everywhere.  Is it just you?  No, it’s a lot of people like you and me.  But there are reasons for mosquitos to be attracted to you over somebody right next to you.

Dark clothing, blood type, sweat, carbon dioxide, pregnancy (no worries there), skin bacteria, and beer consumption (yikes) are just some of the items that can bring in more pesky bugs.

Bug sprays can work.  But let’s be real.  The only kind that works for those of us that get sucked on a lot is the ones with massive amounts of DEET.  The “family-friendly” stuff doesn’t work for us.

We need more itch cream!

That’s something you don’t want to yell out in a grocery store.  However for those of us more allergic to the saliva, slathering that stuff on can be the only help.  But really it doesn’t “cure” the bite.  It simply takes down the inflammation.

Why So Itchy?

It’s because when the mosquito bites you it’s sloppy and also injects saliva into your skin.  So to get rid of the itchy salvia, suck it out.

Enter EZ Bite!

This is the EZ Bites suction tool.  And it does just that.  You place it on the bug bite.  Pump the handle to create the vacuum and it sucks the saliva and the itch right out of your body.

While it’s great to see the red go away quickly cause the poison is out of your body, the vacuum might not leave your skin looking so nice.  It may leave your skin looking like you have hickies everywhere!