It's hard to believe that this is a thing now!

How weird is it that we have to worry about this stuff now?  “The New York Post” just did a story on tech things you should set up now to protect your “digital legacy.”  Or in other words, in case you DIE.


A lot of our life is online and password protected now.  So the point is to make sure your loved ones can access it all, or CAN’T access it, depending on what it is.


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Here are the three things they say you should set up immediately.


1.  A “Legacy Contact” on your Apple account.  Apple added a feature last year that lets other people access everything in your Apple account if you die, including photos, messages, and notes.  Just go to “Password & Security” in your iPhone settings.



2.  Your “Memorialization Settings” on Facebook.  They let you name a legacy contact who can write posts for you, update your profile pic, and get a copy of everything you’ve ever posted.



3.  Automatically wipe your Google history.  This one is for stuff you might NOT want loved ones to see.  In your Google account’s “Web & App Activity” settings, there’s an option to auto-delete stuff every three months.