Tim Hortons Wrongly Tells Costumer They Won $10 Thousand!

You won! Just kidding!

Imagine tapping that app during Tim Horton’s famous Roll Up the rim contest and thinking that you’ve just won $10, 000 only to find out it was a technical issue and you hadn’t.

Some Tim Hortons customers told they had won $10,000 from the coffee chain’s popular Roll Up To Win contest and are now notified that the prize message was a glitch.

The company said that on Monday for a few hours, the app notified customers that they had won big!

The company said it was a technical issue and has since offered a $50 gift card as compensation.

Tim Hortons’ annual spring prize contest — once called Roll up the Rim To Win — went fully digital in 2021, swapping out printed messages under rolled-up coffee rims for scanning a loyalty card or app.