Tinder And Lyft Team Up To Offer Pre Paid Rides!

Gone are the days of chivalry!

Remember when a date would pick up, and even ring your doorbell?  Wait, what?



Gone are those days and that’s why Tinder has partnered with Lyft so you can now buy a ride within the app!



Safety first!  The person buying the ride doesn’t get any details about the date’s address. But they can set a date and time and value of ride-then that person gets sent a link!


The sender can choose a one-way or roundtrip ride and will get a refund if the recipient doesn’t use the Lyft ride or only uses part of it. Both sender and recipient need to have Lyft accounts to participate; 



Tinder calls the feature a “thoughtful gesture while promoting personal safety for those ready to ‘get back out there after way too many months inside.”