Read every day!

The English language has one of the highest word counts in the world with over 170,000 published in the Oxford Dictionary.  But the average English-speaking adult only uses 20,000 to 35,000.

So with plenty of room for improvement, here’s a list of tips from “Reader’s Digest” on how to learn new words and sound smarter:

1.  Watch movies, especially the adaptations of your favourite book.  (Looks like all those hours spent watching “Pride & Prejudice” weren’t for nothing!)

2.  Listen to the radio.

3.  Read to your children, or nieces and nephews.

4.  When reading on a tablet, if you come across a word you don’t know, there’s usually a feature where you can highlight it and see a dictionary definition.

5.  Become an expert on a topic you enjoy.  You’ll learn new words that you can use when talking to people about your interests.

6.  Join a book club.  It’s a good way to discover new books that you normally wouldn’t read.

7.  Read magazine articles.  Don’t just look at the pictures.

8.  Stop being a hermit and get out of the house.  Going to museums, or new places, will expose you to new words.