Today Is Cranky Co-Worker Day!

Every office has one!

We all have that cranky co-worker in the office who is always in a bad mood, so take October 27 as the day to make some fun of said co-worker’s attitude by celebrating Cranky Co-Workers Day, and joining them. 

Yes, there’s a day for that, not just because we need a day of silly fun, but also because our daily toil requires a routine breaker. Many of us will most likely spend a good chunk of our working years dealing with people coming from all sorts of backgrounds. 

Oftentimes, there will be that person who will be in a cranky, grouchy mood no matter how good they have it. 

This day celebrates such co-workers and their moods. You can simply let them be, or you could put on your frown for the day and be as negative as you wish to be.