Today Is the National “Get Out Of The Doghouse Day”

The trick is to stay out of the doghouse in the first place!

Usually, when we think of someone being in the dog house, we think of a spouse or significant other who has done something bad.

Or have you sent someone to the Dog House? Are you still upset or mad at them? Get Out of the Dog House Day is all about making up with someone who has sent you to the dog house, or bringing someone back in from the cold!

The History of “Get Out Of The Dog House Day”

The day takes place annually on the third Monday in July. The phrase “In the doghouse” usually means in disgrace or out of favour. The original idea came from the symbolism in the 1911 Peter Pan novel written by J. M. Barrie in chapter 16 when Mr. Darling goes out and sleeps in the dog kennel, remorseful for not paying enough attention to his family and allowing his children to be kidnapped.

How To Celebrate “Get Out Of The Dog House Day”

Have you sent someone to the doghouse recently? This day would be a nice time to forgive them for their wrongdoing and give them a chance. Talk to them and let them know that you still value them.