Top 10 Stereotypes Females Face Today!

The stereotypes still exist!

Research to reveal the most common stereotypes women and girls still battle within their everyday lives – despite coming a long way when it comes to equality and non-prejudice.

Half of the 450 girls aged 10-17 polled think their gender is more likely to experience negative stereotypes compared to their counterparts.


  1. Girls are more emotional and delicate than boys
  2. Boys are stronger than girls
  3. Pink is a girl’s colour and blue is a boy’s colour
  4. Girls are expected to help with household chores
  5. Men are better drivers than women
  6. There are toys for girls and toys for boys
  7. Girls can cry but boys shouldn’t cry
  8. Boys are braver than girls
  9. Football is a boys’ game
  10. Science is more for boys