Toronto Zoo Is Asking Visitors to Stop Showing ‘Upsetting’ Cell Phone Videos to Gorillas

They can become addicted too, and will become less social!

The fact that gorillas share the same DNA as humans, it’s no wonder they are fascinated with technology. But just like us, it’s not good for them.

The Toronto Zoo is urging visitors to stop showing gorillas cell phone videos as some of the unmoderated content could be “upsetting” — and even addictive — to the primates.

Newly posted signs requested visitors refrain from showing the animals any videos or photos “as some content can be upsetting and affect their relationship and behaviour within their family,” according to a photo posted by the news outlet.

The zoo hasn’t noticed any significant changes in the gorillas’ behaviour from the video viewing so far.

While guests aren’t encouraged to show them the latest viral TikTok or Instagram post, the zoo does play videos for the gorillas.