TV Show ‘The Rookie’ Has Banned ‘LIVE’ Guns From Set After Alec Baldwin Shooting Tragedy!

Should this happen for all Hollywood movies?

‘Live’ weapons will no longer be allowed on set of ‘The Rookie’ following last week’s fatal shooting on Alec Baldwin’s Western Movie “Rust.”



Director of photography Halyna Hutchins was accidentally shot and later died, and director Joel Souza was wounded when the prop gun Baldwin was handling discharged.



A statement from the show was shared to the Hollywood Reporter and says in part,  “As of today, it is now policy on The Rookie that all gunfire on set will be with Air Soft guns with CG muzzle flashes added in post (production). There will be no more ‘live’ weapons on the show. The safety of our cast and crew is too important. Any risk is too much risk.”

Air Soft guns are similar to BB guns, and use pellets instead of bullets, producing less energy than a standard gun.



The tragedy is a haunting reminder for actor Brandon Lee’s family.  The son of Bruce Lee was killed in a similar situation on the set of 1993s The Crow.



Since Brandon’s death, his family has been calling for a ban on the use of “live” weapons on movie sets.