Tween Struggles to Open CD Case In Viral TikTok!

What is it?

A 10-year-old girl’s attempt to open a CD case is spinning out of control on TikTok.

The Pennsylvania preteen’s mom, known as ELS or @elspa570 on the platform, claimed in a May 6 video that she had to document her daughter Tegan’s attempt at opening a “Now 21” CD case so that viewers could see “the struggle is real.”

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Tegan struggled for the rest of the video’s duration — 42 seconds to be exact — to open the case, but never succeeded.

And no, it wasn’t still wrapped in that newly-purchased protective film.

Tegan didn’t even know what she was trying to accomplish, asking her mom about the CD: “What is it?”

ELS ended the video by getting close to the camera and blinking rapidly in bewilderment.