Two-Thirds of People Are Stuck In A ‘Groundhog Day’

We’re having trouble telling one day apart from the next, says a new study!

Millions of adults have such repetitive days that over 60 percent frequently have to ask what day it is, with 51 percent saying this is because their days are so similar. 



Many people are still feeling like they’re on autopilot!  Over 80% of people say their life has become very repetitive during the last 18-months, with weekdays just blending into each other.



Here’s the thing, over 50% of people said that they are perfectly happy to experience the same day over and over again.



The survey, revealed that the top things people do the same way every day are eating, showering, and getting dressed.



Many people have the same breakfast every single day, and a further 68 percent say they find themselves repeating the same meals regularly.




1.           Eating                  44 percent

2.           Showering          40 percent

3.           Dressing             38 percent

4.           Cooking               31 percent

5.           Watch TV           30 percent

6.           Cleaning             29 percent

7.           Going to work    27 percent

8.           Going for a walk  25 percent

9.           Getting ready for work  25 percent

10.         Shopping            23 percent