Two-Thirds Of Single People Would Dump Someone If Their Pet Didn’t Approve

Would you DUMP someone if your pet didn't approve of them?

A new survey On of 2,000 single people found 67% would DUMP someone if their pet didn’t like them. And we value our pet’s opinion of people we date over everyone else’s opinion . . . including our own.


Two-thirds said they trust their pet more than friends or family when it comes to relationships.  And 71% trust their pets take more than they trust themselves.  Here are five more quick stats . . .


1.  Seven in 10 people have dated someone their pet didn’t like.  And 63% said their pet has saved them from dating the wrong person.


2.  When it comes to getting along with our pets, we don’t give a lot of second chances.  Most people said if their pet doesn’t like the person immediately, it’s over.


3.  The most obvious signs your pet doesn’t like someone is:  They won’t go near them . . . they claw or bite . . . or they growl or hiss.


4.  69% said they’d rather be in a fight with a significant other than a fight with their pet.


5.  According to the poll, the best ways to make someone’s pet like you are:  Be friendly . . . scratch them behind the ear . . . and give them treats.