Tyler Shaw Wrote a Christmas Song for His Baby Daughter

The song kicks of his new album A Tyler Shaw Christmas

Tyler Shaw says he’s one of those people who start celebrating Christmas December 1st. “It’s a Christmas Month kind of thing for me,” he says. “And obviously, during the holidays, music is so important because that’s what gets you into the spirit of things.”

Tyler Shaw’s new album is called A Tyler Shaw Christmas. He tells me that this album is a combination of songs he’s already released over the last 5 or 6 years as well as new covers and new originals. One of the new covers is Oh Holy Night with The Tenors with whom Tyler is joining on tour this Fall and Winter.

Christmas Through Your Eyes

His album begins with an original song called “Christmas In Your Eyes”. He wrote the song for his daughter Everly, whom he says has inspired him since she was born in early 2021. “This song is all about how you see Christmas through the eyes of a child. If you remember being a kid and how exciting it was waking up Christmas morning or … the first snow fall. I really wanted to capture [the magic] in a song and really portray that special warmth you feel when you’re a kid. Obviously I had to throw her vocals on the end of the song!”

“This will be the only Christmas album I do”, he tells me. “I think I’ll be adding to it or releasing a more Christmas Songs because there are so many beautiful songs to sing.” Check out the full  interview below to find out how he goes about covering songs everyone knows so well. We also talked about what traditions he wants to pass along to his daughter as well as his up coming tour with The Tenors.

Tyler Shaw will be at Massey Hall December 22nd and 23rd with The Tenors. Tickets are on sale now.