Underwear Prices Are Riding Up!

There is inequality when it comes to underpants!

This will get your knickers in a not! The average Canadian Tariff rate for undies is 18%.

The average US tariff rate on women’s undergarments is 15.5%, compared to just 11.5% for men’s. That means women are being charged a tax that’s 35% higher than what their male counterparts pay.

So basically, thanks to tariffs, women will pay about $1.10 for each pair of panties compared to men who will pay $0.75.

Most international tariff systems have flat rates applying to all underwear, regardless of gender. In Australia, that rate is 5%; it’s 10% in New Zealand; 18% in Canada; 20% in Colombia and Jamaica; 25% in India, 30% in Thailand, and 45% in South Africa.

Here’s a tip, when buying knickers!  There’s more tax on the granny panties compared to the lacy ones…

Silk underwear is taxed at just 2.1% for women and 0.9% for men. But cotton underthings see an increase of 7.6% for women and 7.4% for men, while synthetic polyester sees the heaviest tax rate at 16% for women and 14.9% for men.