Using Your Pet As An Excuse Not To Have Sex

But they look so cozy!

New research suggests that 41% of people allow their pets to sleep on the bed and it has affected their sex life in some way…

Nearly one million adults have admitted to using their pets sleeping on the bed as an excuse not to have sex with their partner.

Of course, you don’t need to have an excuse to not want to have sex, but sometimes it’s an easy fallback if you’re not super in the mood.

Our emotions where our four-legged friends are concerned are also to blame, with one in nine people feeling too guilty to move their pet when they find them napping in their bedroom.

Only a fifth of us will have sex if we can bring ourselves to move our snoozing pet from the bed.

Women are much more guilty of this than men.

Double the number of women admitted to having less sex because they feel guilty moving their sleeping pet from the bed than men.

Women also spend more time with their pets, on average, eight hours per day compared to men who will spend six hours with the fur baby.

More than a third of people also admit to cuddling their pet more often than they do their partner.

Interestingly, a small percentage of people have had to get creative with their intimate acts with 6% saying they’ve had sex in different places around the home because the cat or dog was sleeping on the bed.