New Research Finds That All Dogs Notice Incompetence in Humans

But, only female dogs judge you!

When your dog needs something, do they approach one person in the family first?  If so, and if your dog is a female, that may be because they know the others are incompetent.

A new study claims to prove that all dogs can recognize ineptitude in humans.  They ran a series of experiments where humans would try to open containers, and the researchers observed how dogs reacted.

Some of the containers were empty, some had food inside.  Some humans were told to struggle with the containers, while others were not.  They found that dogs tended to focus on the humans who were able to quickly open the container.  That information didn’t affect the future behaviour of boy dogs, but girl dogs were different.

Female dogs seemed to JUDGE those who were incompetent and would ignore those people and actively seek out competent humans right away, knowing they could open the containers.