Dogs More Likely To Respond To Words Like “Treat” or “Cookie” Over Their Own Name

Me Too, LOL!

New research has found that half of the dogs come running just from the sound of a treat bag.

Fifty-two percent are also likely to run over when they hear words like “treat” or “cookie,” while only 37% consistently respond to the sound of their name.

According to those polled, the average dog knows an average of five spoken commands, implying at least a fifth of the vocabulary dogs understand is treat-based.

The study found that almost 70% of dogs are very food motivated.

Four in ten respondents give their dogs treats as a way to reward them, making it the most popular reason among those polled. Three in four even believe they wouldn’t have been able to teach their dog any commands without using treats.

Roughly 21% of respondents give treats to their dog at least once a day, while 18% admitted to handing out multiple treats in a day.


Walking – 33%

Doing outdoor activities (e.g. rollerblading, biking) – 32%        

Watching TV/relaxing – 31%       

Exercising – 30% 

Sleeping in bed together – 29%           

Cuddling/snuggling – 27% 

Eating dinner – 27%        

Visiting friends – 27%        

Running errands – 27%               

Working – 25%