One in Five People Go On Vacation In Hopes of Making New Friends

Travelling alone is easier too!

A study of 2,000 people who have taken a vacation found three in 10 have invited strangers to join them for drinks or dinner while away.


And 12 percent have even cancelled their existing plans to get to know their new companions better.


It also emerged four in 10 have at some point enjoyed a holiday romance, and 13 percent deliberately choose party destinations as they know they will make friends as a result.


A further 27 percent of those polled have added people they’ve met on holiday to social media groups, while 26 percent have even arranged a catch-up after landing on home soil.


The study found 45 percent of adults think travelling alone is the best way to meet new people – and supporting data from demonstrates an 11 percent increase in searches among single stay rooms over the last couple of years.


And now things are opening up and travel is easier, a third said meeting new people, in general, has become more important than ever before.


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1.            Ibiza, Spain

2.            Dublin, Republic of Ireland

3.            Amsterdam, Netherlands

4.            Sydney, Australia

5.            Las Vegas, USA

6.            Liverpool, United Kingdom

7.            Barcelona, Spain

8.            New York, USA

9.            Mykonos, Greece

10.          Rome, Italy