Valid or Ridiculous Pet Peeves…

What's your pet peeve?

Are these valid or are we just losing our minds over stupid things…

When someone returns their shopping cart next to the cart return, but not IN it?
Valid pet peeve or ridiculous pet peeve? (82% said Valid)

When you’re watching something on TV and the person’s lips don’t match up to what they’re saying?
Valid or Ridiculous? (89% said valid)

When someone uses the wrong turn signal when merging/changing lanes? (87% said valid)

When someone is going way slower than the speed limit in the left lane? (93% said valid)

When someone eats around you when you’re not eating?
(91% said ridiculous) 

When someone puts the TP roll on the wrong way…
(55% said Ridiculous)

When people don’t pick up after their dogs…
(95% said valid)