Velcro says, “stop calling it Velcro” Product vs Brand

How confusing!

Velcro says, stop calling it Velcro- cause that’s not what its actually called…


The Lawyers at Velcro wants people to stop calling Velcro products, velcro. Cause the patent lapsed 40 years ago…. Now the Lawyers say call it “Hook and Loop”… Velcro was and is a brand-not the actually technology that we use in gloves, shoes etc…

By calling Velco Velco- you’re using the brand name and not the product name…  Here are some lawyers who will break it down for us in song…

There are other names we’re getting wrong also, including- Bandage, not Bandaid. Bandaid is the brand- not the patent product…
Like calling it Clorox instead of bleach… Bleach is the product, brand is clorox…


Here are more brands we’re getting wrong….


Tissue is the product, the brand is Kleenex…

Footbag is the product, the brand is Hacky sack
Flying disc is the product, the brand is frisbee
Vacuum flash is the product, the brand is Thermos
Whirlpool bath is the product, the brand is jacuzzi
Large-screen television is the product, Jumbotron is the brand
Infant bodysuit is the product, Onesie is the brand
Inline skates is the product, Rollerblades are the brand
Swim Briefs are the product, Speedo is the brand
Ice resurfacer is the product, Zamboni is the brand
Electroshock weapon is the product, taser is the brand
Liquid motion lamp is the product, Lava Lamp is the brand
Personal watercraft is the product, Jet Ski is the brand
Inflated cushioning is the product, bubble wrap is the brand