Vote For The Party, or the Candidate?

Latest Polls Suggest Voting for a Local Candidate over Party Leader Could Make Or Break

A new poll shows there is disparity between a provincial party’s popularity, and the local candidate’s. Mainstreet Research has released numbers that show, on the whole, the PC Party holding a 42% share in popularity right now, compared to the NDP’s 28%, and the Liberals at 22. But looking into the results further, Mainstreet CEO Quito Maggi say there may be a “Shy Wynne Vote” hidden in the poll, indicating there is a substantial gap between how people say they’ll vote when asked about the party, and how they’ll vote based on local candidate.

Mainstreet says one riding strongly favoured the Progressive Conservative party when asked to choose between parties and their leaders.

Asking how folks would vote locally, about 41 per cent picked their local liberal candidate, 43 per cent vying for the PCs instead.

This, coupled with the number of undecided voters rising higher than the support for the Liberals is falling, suggests to Mainstreet researchers, there could be an increasing number of Liberal voters when it comes time to cast a ballot on June 7th. You can read further, through a blog post by Mainstreet CEO Quito Maggi here.