Waffle House Customer Goes Viral For Kindness!

Waffle House, serving breakfast and kind deeds in Florida!

Waffle House isn’t typically the place you’ll find kind deeds. You’ll mostly find a mix of breakfast foods and drunken shenanigans.

One customer in Florida completely disproved this and went VIRAL for it!

Kevin Cade noticed an older gentleman counting out cash, 1 and 5 dollar bills, and wrapping them in paper. He asked him, why was he doing this?

via @KevinCate on Twitter

Imagine being able to give so much away out of the kindness of your heart? So wonderful.

Naturally the Twitter thread blew up with folks sharing moments of good Samaritans helping them:


As someone in the thread said, you never know what anyone is going through! Show some kindness. It never hurts!

Apparently you can find kindness at Waffle House, who knew.