Want To Be Happy? Be Spontaneous!

According to new research, the average person makes 6,709 spontaneous decisions every year!

The new survey says that some of those spontaneous decisions include, trying a new lunch place, and taking a nap.   We on average will make small spontaneous decisions 18 times per day.  And it appears that these small moments each day can lead to happiness.


The study found that those who considered themselves a “spontaneous person” were 40 percent more likely to consider themselves a “happy person.”


Of these people, 38 percent said that they feel content and satisfied with their life.  72% said that they feel happier after they act spontaneously in some way.  59% of those polled said they’ve made a huge spontaneous decision in their past!


Some of those decisions include:


  • Booking a trip to Europe last minute
  • Switching careers suddenly
  • Adopting a dog
  • Moving to a brand new country
  • Ending a marriage

The pandemic has caused six in ten of us to feel cooped up with almost 81 percent saying they are ready for some adventure time. Three in four said as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted, they will find adventure!


Top outdoor activities to do post-pandemic

  1. Sight-seeing: 34 percent
  2. Fishing: 33 percent
  3. Hunting: 33 percent
  4. Hiking: 29 percent
  5. Camping: 26 percent
  6. Four-wheeling: 23 percent
  7. Play a sport: 23 percent
  8. Go for a run: 23 percent
  9. Rafting: 19 percent
  10. Trail riding (in a utility vehicle): 17 percent