WANTED: Family Food Person! I Quit!

There’s a job opening!

After a very epic week with my family away, I realized that not having to do those everyday mom chores is something that I don’t want to do anymore.


Now, I do realize that I can’t just quit mumming…(Although, I have thought about it, LOL) there is a job I can give up.


The Family Food Person Job!


I’m done making multiple meals due to diet and pickiness! I’m tired of the multiple trips to the grocery store, tripping up and down the aisles to try and please everyone.


After almost 14 years, I am quitting this position! 


Here is the job description for the family food person!  Your reward will be nothing, except bitterness and regret!


Job responsibilities include:


Create an online grocery list
Order the groceries!
Get them the groceries and get them delivered or ask Dad to pick them up
Get dad to go back to the store because you forgot something on the list
Unpack food and put them away- make mental notes of where everything is as you will not be able to find them later
Prepare breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  Make a minimum of two dinners each night
Clean up after dinner. Put dishes in the dishwasher, clean pots. Wipe counters or risk mom freaking out!
Run the dishwasher
Empty the dishwasher
Repeat the next day!