Ways to Impress Mom On Mother’s Day

Wow your Mother!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, did you get Mom flowers and a gift?  That’s nice, but if you want to impress Mom this year, try these suggestions out!

Sign your Mother’s Day card with more than just your name. Ask a friend or significant other if you are “not good with words” and need help crafting a personal message.

Stand up straight!

Repair, or pay for a repair, on the household problem she complains about most often.

Let her control the TV remote and watch what she chooses without complaint.

Ask her if she’s hungry and make her a sandwich.

Take out the trash!

Pour the milk or soda into a glass and put the bottle back in the fridge where it goes.

Get a haircut

Turn off the lights when you leave a room!

Tell her about a piece of advice she gave you that you have applied to your life!

Do the dishes and put them away

When she asks how things are going, give more than a one-word answer

Remember that she’s not just Mom, and she had a life before you were born. Ask her about it.