We All Need Stress In Our Lives! Not All Stress Is Bad!

Not all stress is created equal

While we might mentally link ‘stress’ with anxiety and exhaustion, there is such a thing as positive stress, too.


Positive stress is basically excitement!  When you’re excited about something, like your wedding day or going skydiving for the first time!


You get warm. Your internal monologue is going a mile a minute. Your heart races.  All that is the same reaction to a stressor, whether it’s positive or negative.


Here’s why Stress Is Good!

Stress keeps you motivated! If you’re totally free of stress, you’ll get nothing done.  You need a bit of stress to motivate you!



Stress can help you solve problems! Accepting and embracing stress can help you cut through the crap and make better decisions.



Overcoming stress builds confidence! That adrenaline rush that comes after you overcome a stressful situation is straight-up euphoric.



But in the long term, too, getting through a stressful moment can bolster your self-confidence!  Face those fears!