We Forget About Leftovers All the Time

We don't mean to waste all this food, but we do!

According to new research, the average person spends nearly $3,000 a year on unused groceries.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of HelloFresh, the survey found that when respondents do cook, a quarter of them “always” or “often” make more food than they’re able to finish, usually with the intention of having leftovers (83%).

On average, people have leftovers to put into their fridges three times a week; however, they don’t always get around to using them up.

Nearly a third of people admit they’re likely to forget about leftovers once they’re out of sight.

Leftovers are responsible for about 35% of food waste, and the fact that family members don’t always like leftovers.

While 43% prefer to eat their leftovers until they’re finished, a quarter of respondents admitted they get tired of eating the same thing before they’re able to finish.

And 38% revealed that they’ve thrown food away simply because they didn’t feel like eating it after purchasing it.

Waste starts even before shoppers get home, as a fifth of respondents shared that they often overestimate how much food they’ll use when grocery shopping.

In fact, 23% of people who go grocery shopping wind up purchasing at least five food items a week that they wish they could get in smaller quantities, like bunches of grapes or strands of herbs.


  1. Lettuce — 27%
  2. Bananas — 23%
  3. Milk — 21%
  4. Apples — 21%
  5. Bread — 21%
  6. Avocado — 17%
  7. Deli items (meat, cheese, prepared foods, etc.) — 16%
  8. Eggs — 16%
  9. Meat — 15%
  10. Carrots — 14%