We Have More Adventurous Sex When On Vacation!

It’s been a while, but get ready to get frisky!

A new survey from affairs site IllicitEncounters finds that we tend to have more adventurous sex when we’re on vacation. 


90% of those in the survey admit that being away brings out a wild side with the top outside-of-the-box behaviour; getting busy on the beach.


There seems to be a theme for those taking their hanky panky out of the bedroom.  The great outdoors!


Here are the top spots to get it on while on vacation:

  1. On a beach
  2. In a beauty spot
  3. In a field
  4. In a park
  5. In the pool
  6. Next to a lake or river
  7. In the sea
  8. Balcony
  9. In a plane loo (to join the Mile High Club)
  10. In a nightclub

The survey found that 82% of men and 78% of women find holidays an aphrodisiac and desire sex more frequently when they’re taking a break from normal life.


The main reasons for this are because you feel happier because the weather is nice, people are wearing less clothing and seeing more skin makes you randy, and that people tend to like to party when the sun is out!


And here’s where the IllicitEncounters comes in, people are more likely to cheat while on summer holidays.


Half of the respondents to the survey – 54% of men and 46% of women – said they have cheated on their partners while on a break in the sun.


  According to the survey, there is always a surge in cheating which starts in July and runs through the summer as people are out more.