We Lose More Than 500 Hours Of Sleep Thanks To Noise

Keep it down!

According to a new study, we are losing the equivalent of nearly 63 full eight-hour-long nights because of noise!



A study of 2,000 people found nine in 10 have occasions where they struggle to get to sleep due to noise and disruptions, spending an hour and 22 minutes lying awake each night.



Snoring is the biggest disrupter of sleep.  One in ten will wake themselves up by their own snoring. As a result, 52 percent admitted their relationship has suffered as a result of snoring, according to the study carried out via OnePoll.



Other noises that keep us up at night include the rain and wind, dogs barking, the furnace coming on and off and car alarms. 22 percent of people say that they have even been woken up by someone flushing the toilet.



“Lack of sleep can be associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.



The study also found that those who do wake up spend an average of 20 minutes trying to get back to sleep after being disturbed by noise.