We Own Too Much Stuff!

Is your house cluttered?

Two-thirds of people say they have so much stuff, they can’t easily fit it all in their home.


And stress-shopping on Amazon last year didn’t help, according to a new survey on SWNSDigital.com


Seven in 10 people say they reorganized at least TWO rooms in their home during the pandemic, partly because they needed space . . . and because we were stuck at home with nothing to do.

It’s also because we had to use those rooms differently . . . like you needed a home office, a place to Zoom, or a spot for your kids to do their school online.


The top rooms we reorganized last year were our bedroom . . . living room . . . bathroom . . . kitchen . . . and home office.


13% of us also reorganized a child’s bedroom.  10% cleaned up the garage.  And 9% reorganized their closet.