We Spend Nearly 50 Hours a Year Purchasing This

We can't function otherwise

A survey of 2,000 on-site employees found it takes about 16 minutes to leave one’s desk, buy a drink and return, but with three such trips a week, employees end up losing an entire work week per year.

However, having a favourite beverage in hand can help kick-start one’s day. To get their workday going, people usually get organized, sip their favourite beverage and check their emails.

While a hot cup of coffee is the most popular first drink of the day, participants also prefer cold drinks such as iced coffee, water and flavoured water.

The survey also found there may be a link between drink preference and productivity.

Seventy-seven percent of coffee drinkers need two or more cups of coffee to feel productive on a workday, with nearly a quarter noting Mondays were the day of the week they needed the most coffee.

Six in 10 turns to a hot cup of coffee to improve their mood at work, as well.


  • Free beverages – 46%
  • Required breaks – 45%
  • Free food – 45%
  • On-site gym – 43%
  • Office lounge/social area – 42%
  • Ability to bring pets to work – 36%
  • Ability to bring a kid to work – 29%
  • On-site games – 22%
  • In-person employee clubs – 14%

Post-pandemic, the survey revealed that nearly 87% of respondents were going into the office between two to three days a week. Over eight in 10 employees said having free beverages as a workplace perk would make them feel valued and offering free beverages was the most requested perk to encourage employees to work from an office.