Wearing PJs Multiple Times, Or do you grab a fresh pair every day?

Sleep nude! Problem solved!

How often do you change your PJs? The truth is, most of us don’t do it nearly often enough.

According to the Daily Mail, men wait an average of 13 days to change their jammies, and women wait a stunning 17 days on average.

A pair of pyjamas get dirty fast. We should be changing our nightwear every single day.

Plenty of people avoid the problem entirely by sleeping in the nude. Meanwhile, many others are very comfortable with spending two weeks at a time in the same pyjamas.

Wearing the same PJs for days on end is very unhygienic. Here’s why you need to change your PJs every day.

Reason #1:
Most people carry a small number of staph bacteria on their skin.  It’s a very common microbe that we pick up on our skin, in our noses, and our mouths, usually without consequences. However, if you wear the same piece of fabric over and over again, staph bacteria will start to collect in your PJs and thrive. Eventually, these growing colonies of staph can get inside the skin via cuts, ingrown hairs, or other breaks in the body’s natural defence system.

Reason #2
When you don’t change your pyjamas, all sorts of bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells start to build up in the fabric. All of that gunk is pressed right up against your pores all night long. That leads to your pores getting blocked and infected, which turns into unsightly and painful pimples and even deep infected sebaceous cysts, according to WebMD. Pimples and cysts also make excellent entry points for other bacteria and viruses you might have on your skin.

Reason #3
Dust mites are tiny, microscopic creatures that live in every home. You can’t get rid of them completely, but you should do everything you can to get them out of your bed and sleeping area. Dust mites love to eat dead skin, so they’re attracted to your bed and pyjamas, which are full of all the dead skin cells you shed during your sleep. Dirty pyjamas draw in even more dust mites, which can contribute to respiratory problems, especially while you’re sleeping.

Reason #4
BO is gross! Dirty PJs tend to absorb sweat during the night, and bacteria that flourish in moist, dark spots start to grow and create foul odours, like BO. If you shower at night and then climb into dirty jammies, you’re undoing your work and allowing those bad-smelling bacteria to colonize your body.

Reason #5
Sleepless Nights! Sleeping in clean pyjamas makes you feel refreshed, cozy, and ready to drop off to sleep. By contrast, sleeping in dirty jammies can keep you up at night, because you feel itchy or oily, or just not quite comfy in your pyjamas. In addition, attracting dust mites at night can impact your nighttime respiration. This leads to snoring and other sleep interruptions.


If you sleep in dirty PJs, Dust allergies, asthma, and other respiratory disorders are already worse at night. 

You also run the risk of more bugs…When you wear dirty pyjamas, you are asking your immune system to fight off a constant onslaught of staph bacteria, upper respiratory complications, and pimple-causing germs and oils. All of those factors weaken your body’s defences overall.