Hey! Whatever turns you on!

Someone on Reddit recently asked “What is the weirdest thing you find extremely attractive?”  And the internet did not disappoint.  



Here are some of the PG responses!

“Houseplants.  Chicks with plants are just very hot to me.”


“When guys are reversing the car and they put one hand on the back of the passenger seat to look backwards.”


“Armpits.  Like when a girl lifts her arms above her head?  Love that.  No idea why.”


“Being able to make a good Excel spreadsheet.”


“Exhausted men look super hot to me. Probably because being exhausted is as close as being the real you as possible.”


“For some unknown reason, I’m attracted to people who are left-handed.”


“Colorful socks. I dunno, man, when I see a girl wearing some super-wacky, colorful socks — especially if they’re mismatched — just does it for me.”

“If they cook me garlic bread, we will be cuddling.”